Green Leaf Restaurant

Our premier restaurant, the Green Leaf offers all-day dining like breakfast, lunch, high-tea, and dinner. It has an extensive menu prepared by our well-experienced Chef in satisfying your palate. In addition to our Western and Asian Menu. The Chef-in-charge of our kitchen can also accept made-to-order dishes, especially related to your health. When it comes to a special diet, we highly recommend informing our Front-Desk officer from the date of your check-in, in this way, we can serve you better by coordinating your meal preference with our Food and Beverage Department. You can choose European, Asian, and Khmer Cuisine in our menu, prepared by our experienced Chef. 

Pool Bar

Are you a cocktail lover? Wine perhaps? Whether it is a special-mix or just an ice-cold beer to quench that thirst after a day of excursion, our poolside bar is the perfect place to be at sundown. 

Cooking Class

Are you into cooking? Do you want to impress someone back home? If you wish to bring home a dish, or just curious when it comes to ingredients profiling, our Cooking Class is the perfect choice while staying at SLA Resort and Spa. 

For your convenience, here is a sample menu that you will learn in our cooking program.

Starter:  Green Mango Salad with Seafood

Main course:  Khmer Chicken Curry (also known as Cambodian (Khmer) Chicken Samla’)

Dessert: Banana with Coconut Milk with Tapioca and Yellow Beans 

Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Spending your quality time with your loved one by having the Romantic Candlelight dinner by the pool to create great memories while visiting Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Our well-experienced crew will help deliver that platform as your grand stage to an everlasting impression. 

We will assist you in building that memorable evening that will be cherished by both you and tattooed in time forever. 

We can personalize your evening and make it more special by adding decorations of your choice, like your preferred music, and the color of your favorite flower. 

Here is our menu:

  • Amuse bouche and Seafood Taro Purse.
  • Poached lobster with avocado salsa, cherry tomato cheese
  • Clam Chowder is a rich, and creamy soup made from fresh shellfish broth, Cream, Bacon, Filet De Boeuf
  • A slice of Tiramisu to complement your taste buds